CARE Project E-learning

Welcome to the CARE Project E-learning!

Drug use and related infections, including HIV and hepatitis, are significantly more often present in prisoners, than in the general population. Prisoners are at risk of initiating drug use, risky behaviour for infections and failing to access harm reduction and treatment measures while in prison, or in the immediate period after release, which is particularly risky for fatal overdoses.

The CARE project wants to produce, collate and disseminate data and knowledge on drug use and related risks in prisons and on drug treatment, harm reduction, overdose prevention in custodial settings and reintegration upon release, with a view to ensuring continuity of care from prisons to the community for prisoners (aiming at high quality health care delivery).

The CARE Project E-learning platform provides learning tools to get to know more about the above and on how to work with prisoners who have a drug misuse problem or are at risk of infections. It is open to practitioners from different fields working in prison or having an interest in prison health.

Training materials include manuals produced by the following organisations: